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Florida Employment Rights Lawyer

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The Law Offices of Todd W. Shulby is a litigation boutique focused on the ADA (disability discrimination), the FLSA (overtime and minimum wages), and civil rights litigation, advocacy, compliance and defense. Above all else, we are trial lawyers, and our opponents know we are willing to go to trial, and therefore we can obtain settlements that are generally better than those obtained by lawyers with a reputation for being reluctant to go to court.

The firm represents a wide range of private, individual and corporate interests in matters ranging from ADA compliance, disability discrimination, FLSA compliance, overtime, minimum wage and unpaid wage claims, and various employer-employee disputes (e.g. wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation). We rely upon our legal abilities and wealth of litigation experience, developed through years of hard work and consistent effort focused on achieving our clients goals. Our mission is to allow our clients to benefit from our efficiency and network of legal resources and talent.

Whether in court, in trials or hearings, in depositions, or mediations and negotiations, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and unsurpassed dedication to the needs of our clients. If you have a legal matter that you would like for us to consider, or would simply like to learn more about our firm, feel free to navigate this website, and to contact us directly by using the firm’s intake forms or contact sheet, or via the address and telephone number listed below.

Please note that as of September 2008, we have relocated to our newly constructed offices in Broward County, Florida, but continue to service clients throughout Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Nevada.