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Labor Law Attorney


When most people think of Labor Law, they envision labor unions and factory workers. However, Labor Laws and Employment Laws are often used interchangeably. Labor Law is so important in our society that laws such as 29 U.S.C. 411 provide a Bill of Rights for employees. Labor Law can involve such United States Constitutional protections as freedom of speech,  freedom of association, equal protection, the 13th Amendment, and workplace privacy under the Fourth Amendment. In addition to these important rights, laws provide protections for workers and limitations for the benefits of employers. It is equally important that both employees and employers have knowledge of the laws and their benefits and limitations.

These important protections and the limits of those protections are often not known by workers and employers. By and large most business are law-abiding and adhere to the federal and state labor and employment laws. But there is undoubtedly a relatively small segment of businesses employing unfair business practices to deny workers their proper wages and/or a workplace free from discrimination, retaliation and harassment. It is when employees are working for one of the unlawful employers and/or when a business is unfairly accused of wrongdoing that Todd W. Shulby can help. Do not feel powerless! A labor law attorney can help resolve a dispute with your employee and/or employer providing greater peace of mind. Lawyer Todd W. Shulby is committed to helping guide clients through the legal process and resolve their labor disputes.

The federal and Florida laws pertaining to wages, overtime, minimum wages, discrimination, retaliation and harassment are among the most litigated labor laws. These laws were promulgated to set standards for employers and employees to follow, so that all parties would be aware of their rights, entitlements, duties and responsibilities in the workplace. The laws were passed to provide peace of mind and guidance so that both employees and employers would know what is and is not legal and so that employers could provide a safe working environment, free from unlawful discrimination, retaliation and hostility. When there are issues raised involving these laws, you need to seek the help of a labor law attorney.

If you are are involved in a dispute with an employer or employee, do not take the law into your hands. Todd W. Shulby, P.A. is aggressive, honest and compassionate.  He will ensure his clients receive the best solution to their legal problems.  Sometimes Mr. Shulby can solve employment law issues with a simple letter or mediation.  However, if your employer or employee is ready to fight, Mr. Shulby will fight for your rights.

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