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Overtime Attorney

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires overtime compensation for nonexempt employees who have worked more than 40 hours a week. The Law Office of Todd W. Shulby, P.A. can handle matters involving overtime compensation.

Employment lawyer Todd Shulby has been practicing law for twenty-five years and has provided experience and know how in securing the rights of his clients. Typical claims include:

a) misclassification of employees as exempt from FLSA overtime requirements (even salaried employees may be entitled to overtime).

b) negligence in identifying and/or recording hours worked, including not properly recording “off-the-clock” hours performed offsite, at home, on the weekend, or after hours, resulting in lost wages including overtime wages.

c) employees not receiving the correct time and a half for overtime and instead being paid straight time and/or not having all wages, including bonuses, commissions, incentive pay, premium pay, etc., included in the calculation of the employee’s overtime rate.

Wage attorney Todd W. Shulby fights for employers and employees. For employers, Mr. Shulby has successfully defended against claims by employees to recover wages, minimum wages and overtime wages by employing both legal and factual defenses. For employees, Mr. Shulby has successfully recouped underpaid back wages, overtime wages, minimum wages, liquidated damages, attorneys’ fees and costs for many employees.

Overtime Lawyer Todd W. Shulby offers legal counsel and advisement in all cases regarding labor law and unpaid overtime. Get in touch with Todd W. Shulby, P.A.  today and schedule a consultation with someone who can help. He is a fearless and dedicated attorney with the skills and expertise to help clients through difficult times. Todd W. Shulby, P.A. utilizes a comprehensive approach to ensure clients are given the best opportunity to resolve their disputes and go on with their professional livelihood.